ightLydia Maria Child Society Activities during ALA 2017

We welcome you to the ALA in Boston and hope that you’ll be able to take part in one or more of our activities!

Friday, May 26:  Walking tour of Medford, MA, and Medford Historical Society and Museum

Dr. Kyna Hamill, of the School of Theatre at Boston University, will be leading us on a 45-minute walking tour of Medford, beginning at Medford Square, that will focus on significant Lydia Maria Child sites.  This walk will end at the Medford Historical Society and Museum (MHSM), where we will see artifacts such as an 1826 portrait of Child and Child’s “Floral Souvenir” scrapbook.  Lunch in Medford will round off the tour.  http://www.medfordhistorical.org/

Gather in Medford at 10am at Medford Square in front of the doughnut shop at 35 Riverside Avenue, where the 95 bus from Sullivan will drop off the Westin group.  Kyna will meet us here.

Travel from the Westin:  Those who would like to go in a group from the Westin to Medford using public transportation (subway and bus) can meet in the hotel.  The round-trip cost will be approximately $10.  We will meet in Westin’s lobby by 9am and leave immediately.

The tour will be “easy walking,” which comfortable footwear may enhance.  You may wish to bring rain gear and/or sunscreen.  Unfortunately, the MHSM is not wheelchair accessible.  We are happy to arrange for the Child artifacts to be brought to Medford’s Public Library, which is two blocks from the MHSM, if such accommodations are requested.

Sadly, the LMCS cannot provide financial assistance.

Please e-mail Sandy Burr at sburr@nmu.edu by Midnight on Monday, May 20, to sign up for the trip.  We’ll use the total number to plan on a head count and to make lunch reservations in Medford.  Please include your need for wheelchair accessibility and your plan to either meet us in the Westin lobby or at Medford Square, 35 Riverside Avenue.

Saturday, May 27:  Panels and Business Meeting

8:10am to 9:30am

Session 14-D   Social Justice Pedagogy Roundtable

Organized by the Lydia Maria Child Society

Moderator: Sandra Burr, Northern Michigan University

  1. Jacqueline Emery and Carol Quirke, SUNY College at Old Westbury
  2. Marlowe Daly-Galeano, Lewis-Clark State College
  3. Philip Kadish, Hunter College, City University of New York
  4. Tracey-Lynn Daniels-Lerberg, University of Texas at Arlington
  5. Lucy Sirianni, University of California at Berkeley
  6. Sarah Olivier, University of Denver

9:40am to 11am

Session 15-D   Limning the Possibilities of Lydia Maria Child

Organized by the Lydia Maria Child Society

Chair: Sarah Olivier, University of Denver

  1. “‘Invisible Danger’: Lydia Maria Child and Writing Race in Mammoth Cave,” Emma Newcombe, Boston University

  2. “‘Nothing But a Tiger’: Portraits of Lydia Maria Child,” Kyna Hamill, Boston University
  3. “Dialogic Spiritualism in Child and Poe: Philothea and the Cosmology of ‘Eureka,'” Adam C. Bradford, Florida Atlantic University

2:10pm to 3:30pm

Session 18-M   Business Meeting: Lydia Maria Child Society

Lydia Maria Child Society @ the American Literature Association Conference
San Francisco, CA, 26 – 29 May 2016

Thursday, May 26, 4:30 – 5:50 pm
Session 6-D
   “Woman Thinking”: Public Intellectualism and U.S. Periodical Culture in the Twentieth Century
Organized by the Research Society for American Periodicals, the Lydia Maria Child Society, and the Pauline Elizabeth Hopkins Society
Chair: Jean Lee Cole, Loyola University Maryland
1.  “Zitkala-Ša: Native American Woman Intellectual,” Jacqueline Emery, SUNY College at Old Westbury
2.  “Pauline Hopkins’s Hagar’s Daughter, the Colored American Magazine, and (Re)Public Stages,” April Logan, Salisbury University
3.  “Making Private Intellectuals: Jessie Fauset as Essayist and Editor,” Susan Tomlinson, University of Massachusetts Boston
4.  “Louise Bogan’s Lyric Public,” Melissa Girard, Loyola University Maryland

Saturday, May 28, 9:40 – 11:00 am
Session 16-F   “Woman Thinking”: Public Intellectualism and U.S. Periodical Culture in the Nineteenth Century
Organized by the Lydia Maria Child Society and the Research Society for American Periodicals
Chair: Sarah Olivier, University of Denver
1.  “‘Let the Lord send whom he will send’: Lydia Maria Child’s Efforts to Reconstitute Authoritative Public Speech,” Bonnie Carr O’Neill, Mississippi State University
2.  “Working Toward a Poetics of Pestilence: The 1866 Cholera Epidemic through Women Poets in The New York Ledger,” Ayendy Bonifacio, The Ohio State University
3.  “‘Unhappy Girls’ and Capable Women: Explorations of John Stuart Mill’s Political Economy in the Essays of Elizabeth Stuart Phelps,” Julia P. McLeod, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

11:10 am – 12:30 pm
Session 17-K   Business Meeting: 
Lydia Maria Child Society

3:40 – 5:00 pm
Session 20-J   Lydia Maria Child: Crafting and Re-imagining American Lives
Organized by the Lydia Maria Child Society
Chair: Sandra Burr, Northern Michigan University
1.  “Lydia Maria Child’s The Freedmen’s Book, Biography, and Pedagogy,” Benjamin Beck, UCLA
2.  “Shaping Future Citizens: Child, Sedgwick, and The Juvenile Miscellany,” Lucinda Damon-Bach, Salem State University
3.  “The End and Beginning of Lydia Maria Child: Post-Reconstruction and The Freedmen’s Book,” Robert Fanuzzi, St. John’s University